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/ Disputes Tribunal Threshold Increased to $30,000!

Disputes Tribunal Threshold Increased to $30,000!

28th November 2019

The Ministry of Justice recently increased the financial threshold for submitting a claim to the Disputes Tribunal to $30,000. Previously if a claim was over $15,000 (or $20,000 with the parties agreement) a claimant had to file debt recovery proceedings in the District Court. The cost and stress of Court was often prohibitive. Filing a disputed claim in the Disputes Tribunal is painless. Filing fees, are scaled according to the amount of the claim. The most you will pay is $180.00. You will need to spend time filing out a claim form explaining your case and gathering evidence to prove your case.


Trollope & Co can not represent you at the Dispute Tribunal, lawyers are not permitted to attend. We can help you with your with your claim and what evidence you will need to prove your claim. We can also advise you how to counter the defendants reasons for disputing your claim.   


Information about the Disputes Tribunal can be found at a link published by the Ministry of Justice -


If you require our assistance contact Heather Murdoch