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/ The Importance of Having a Will as a Young Adult

The Importance of Having a Will as a Young Adult

India Haus
17th October 2018

Making a will is something every young adult should do but many people do not get around to it. The most commonly reasons for not having a will include: ‘I do not expect anything bad to happen to me’ or I do not have money to leave to anyone.’ While many younger adults have an explanation for why they felt having a will was not vital, very few were able to explain what would happen if they did suddenly pass away without leaving a will. If you die without a will, this can result in significant extra cost in dealing with your affairs, not to mention the additional difficulty for your family to work through.


 Why you should make a will


A will allows you to have a say in how your affairs are managed when the time comes. You can have a will drafted at any time of your life, A will is a set of instructions on what you want to happen after your death. Without a will the difficult question which your family will have to answer is , who gets what?


Reviewing your will


Whenever you go through a big life event such as the birth of a child, purchasing properties or a separation, you should review your will. Make sure to keep a copy of your will in a safe and accessible place and let your executor and family know where it is.


Take the first step


Making a will is not as complicated or time-consuming as many believe. The most difficult part is making the first step – do yourself a huge favour and come and see the experienced team at Trollope & Co. We understand that making a will seems overwhelming to people of all ages. We are here to offer you the advice you need and guide you through how to make your first will. Call us today or send us an email to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your wishes for your will.