Employment Law

The employer and employee relationship can be a rewarding and profitable experience for all parties. In spite of this, when problems arise, the complexity of the obligations and responsibilities for all parties can have an enormous impact on your business or livelihood.

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We provide specialised alternative dispute resolution skills and practical support to assist you resolve employment relationship matters before they escalate. 
Having employment strategies in place minimises the risk of employment relationship problems in the future. Strategies include:

  • ensuring appropriate Individual Employment Agreements are in place for each of your employees: fulltime, part-time, casual or independent contractors
  • having policies and procedures that align with the Employment Relations Act, employment law cases and principles, employment agreements, and all statutory or regulatory obligations and responsibilities you may have.
    We are able to draft individualised employment law documents that will meet the requirements of your business or entity.

We also assist clients having to enforce disciplinary procedures, ensuring correct processes are followed and have expertise in workplace investigations see information about restructuring here

What can we help you with?

  • Drafting and reviewing employment agreements and independent contractor contracts
  • Working with you to develop policies and procedures
  • Disciplinary procedures, competence and conduct
  • Responsibilities and obligations of employers and employees
  • Legal advice and updates on relevant case law, changes or amendments to legislation in your profession or industry
  • Alternative dispute resolution, representation at mediations and the Employment Relations Authority

  • Covid-19 Mandates, Orders, obligations and responsibilities

Looking for help with Employment Law?

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