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We recognise and respect those that are creative. In fact, we would describe our passion for the arts and for protecting and nurturing artists as ‘die hard.’


Unfortunately, too many creative artists fail to get proper legal advice or receive advice that is inappropriate, leaving them and their creative capital significantly exposed.

Entertainment law is a unique and specialised practice area that very few lawyers have experience and real expertise in. As an arts and entertainment client of Trollope & Co, you will benefit from the extensive entertainment industry skill and knowledge that our team has developed together because of their real-life experience gained from their background as musicians.

It is this unique blend of professional and personal experience that means we are able to offer insightful advice that reflects our strong understanding of the arts and entertainment industries - how it works, what artists need to look out for and what matters most when it comes to protecting your greatest asset – your creative capital.

Whether it’s helping you understand complex contracts and legal jargon, protecting your rights, negotiating a deal, or giving you legal advice to help run your business, we will navigate you safely and skillfully through the minefield that is the entertainment industry. 


Our entertainment law services include:

  • 1. Music Industry Agreements - Recording, publishing, distribution and licensing agreements, 360° deals, songwriter agreements, management agreements, band partnerships, producer agreements, sample and music clearances, performance and venue hire agreements, touring, booking, sponsorship and merchandise agreements. 
  • 2. Film and Television - Talent, crew and performers agreements (including for actors, TV presenters, models and radio presenters), co-production agreements, music clearance and composer agreements, distribution and broadcast deals, merchandising and sponsorship agreements, management agreements, media talent deals.
  • 3. Business Arrangements - The setting-up of entertainment business structures including sole trading, partnerships, companies, trusts and joint ventures.
  • 4. Copyright Law - The rights of songwriters and songwriting ‘splits’, performers and producers rights, film, internet and television licensing, sampling, editing, and copyright infringement.
  • 5. Intellectual Property - Identifying your key intellectual property assets including important brand names, business methods and information, copyright material, designs and inventions. Protecting and enforcing your intellectual property rights including copyright, trade mark registration, design registration, confidentiality agreements, restraints of trade. The commercialisation of your intellectual property such as licensing, franchising and research and development agreements.



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